When you collaborate with Northwestern Medicine, you join a patient-focused mission of providing the most advanced health care to all communities we serve.


We look to rapidly find, evaluate and activate solutions for challenges affecting Northwestern Medicine patients and care teams today and for optimizing future care delivery. Do you have an innovation that aligns with these goals? If so, we want to hear from you.

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Focus Areas

Clinical Automation and Robotics

A key goal of the NM Innovation Institute is to take burdensome administrative task off our physicians, nurses, and other care providers through automation and robotics, allowing for more face-to-face time with patients. We are looking for solutions and partners who are exploring new and novel ways of automating tasks including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Remote Monitoring, and Robotics.  

Augmented & Virtual Reality

How can virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) transform healthcare? We've already had success in leveraging these capabilities in training and simulation, but how can they be applied to treatment of patients? NM is exploring how we can embed these virtualization capabilities into the day-to-day care we provide every day.

Health Space of the Future

At NM, we want healthcare to be available in any environment, including our hospitals, clinics, patient homes, and everywhere in between. How can enhanced digital capabilities including smart TVs, voice assistants, AI, remote monitoring devices, and more improve these environments for our patients and care providers?  

A man in a hardhat is holding a tablet and looking and several computer screens.

Health Administration Automation

The latest technology and automation has the potential to improve every aspect of NM. We strive to embed radical innovations into our business functions and facilities to improve the experience for our workforce and patients at every intersection. From converting to smart facilities, to automating insurance prior authorizations, to chatbots for scheduling—the healthcare experience of the future is ripe for transformation.


Clinical Expertise Collaborate with care teams from top-ranked hospitals
Data Leverage historical and ongoing data projects to help inform innovations
Marketing Opportunities Engage system experts to help bring innovation stories to life
Testing and Hoteling Space Conduct on-site research and collaboration
Security Apply Northwestern Medicine physical security and cybersecurity measures

Frequently Asked Questions

We review every proposal submission and evaluate each one for alignment, interest and priority within the Northwestern Medicine system. From there, we will either schedule an introductory meeting to learn more and to determine next steps, or we will inform you that the opportunity does not align with current system needs.

Yes. After evaluating the proposed solution or partnership, we respond and let you know if the outlined proposal aligns with our priorities and if we would like to proceed with further evaluation.

We aim to respond within two weeks of each submission.

If a submission aligns with system priorities and goals, we will schedule an introductory meeting to learn more about the proposed solution and company.

Outside of the requested information in the partnership proposal form, no additional materials are needed. If you are invited to an introductory meeting, we will ask for an overview presentation to help us better understand the company and proposed solution.

Interested in partnering?